5 Ways How Whatsapp Can be Utilized in Daily Life

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Find out the best five ways in which you can make the perfect use of Whatsapp in your daily life and make things easy!

Almost every person who owns a smartphone has used or is using whatsapp. Whatsapp is the most popular social platform and it has made an irreplaceable place in our everyday routine. A normal whatsapp user can not spend a day without it because it has now become the main way of communication between our friends, family, colleagues and almost everyone we know.

The records state that there have been over eight hundred million registered downloads on Play Store.

Everyone is on whatsapp, it’s very convenient to keep in touch with our circle and family with the help of whatsapp and adding to it, there are many more ways whatsapp can make your daily life a bit more easy with it’s functions. We have explained the five ways with which you can  utilise whatsapp in your daily life and make the best use of it. Take a look….

Use Whatsapp as your main messaging app

The conventional messaging service provided by the network service provider charges awful lot of money for messages and you get limited amount of messages for a day and limited amount of characters in a text! While with whatsapp, you can send unlimited no. of messages over data or WiFi costing you almost nothing!

 Use Whatsapp Call whenever near a free WiFi hotspot

If you are at a workplace or in hostel, anywhere with a free WiFi source then use Whatsapp call feature instead of the normal call, it will save you some extra pennies. If you think that will not make a difference but continue use will let you know and your wallet will thank you

Know what your friends are up to!

Get instant insights of current mood of your friends and all your contacts just by checking out their whatsapp status message. You can stay socially active and updated with the current mood of your contacts just by checking out their status message every morning or night. Status messages are the best way to find it out in almost no time!

Group projects and discussions make a lot more easier!

We are connected with almost everyone we know through whatsapp and whatsapp is a great way to deal with group projects and discussions. You can make groups on work or to celebrate any special occasion. Influenced by the popularity of social platforms, police in many cities have started taking complaints through whatsapp and it is helping thousands, everyday!

Speak your heart to those who care

You can share your feelings and your thoughts directly to the people close to you with updating the whatsapp status of your account. We may have a thousand friends on facebook but not even half of them are genuine and that is why your whatsapp status can make a lot more difference than the one updated on Facebook.

We explained the five ways how whatsapp can be utilised in daily life and how you can make the best use of this simple yet elegant application. Share with us if you have any other use of whatsapp which can help us make our everyday life easier using the comment section, we will be happy to hear from you!